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How to Transfer NFT from to Opensea

How to Transfer NFT from to Opensea

Transfer Your NFTs to OpenSea: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you a digital art enthusiast looking to showcase your unique NFTs on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace? If you have NFTs stored on and want to transfer them to OpenSea, you’re in the right place to gain knowledge about how to Transfer NFT from to Opensea.

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Why Transfer NFTs from to OpenSea?

OpenSea offers a vast audience, advanced features, and a user-friendly interface, making it the perfect platform to showcase and sell your NFTs. By transferring your NFTs from to OpenSea, you can:
Increase your NFT’s visibility and reach a broader audience
Take advantage of OpenSea’s advanced features, such as rarity rankings and collection management
Sell your NFTs to a larger pool of potential buyers

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer NFTs from to OpenSea

Step 1: Prepare Your Accounts

Ensure you have a account with the NFT you want to transfer
Create an OpenSea account if you haven’t already
Verify both accounts are fully verified and ready for use

Step 2: Get Your NFT’s Contract Address

On, go to the NFT you want to transfer and click on the three dots (⋯) next to it
Select “View on Ethereum” (even if your NFT is on a different blockchain)
Copy the “Contract Address” (starts with “0x…”)

Step 3: Add the Contract Address to OpenSea

Log in to your OpenSea account and click on your profile picture (top right)
Select “Settings” (icon)
Scroll down to “Contracts” and click “Add Contract”
Paste the Contract Address you copied earlier and click “Add”

Step 4: Transfer the NFT

On, go to the NFT you want to transfer and click on the three dots (⋯) next to it
Select “Transfer” and choose “External Wallet”
Enter the OpenSea contract address (starts with “0x…”) as the recipient address
Confirm the transfer (make sure to check the fees and gas prices)

Step 5: Verify the Transfer on OpenSea

Log in to your OpenSea account and go to your “Profile” (top right)
Click on “Collected” (icon)
Find your transferred NFT and verify its details

Tips and Reminders

Check the transfer fees and gas prices before confirming the transfer
Be patient, as the transfer process may take some time (depending on blockchain congestion)
Keep your accounts secure and up-to-date to avoid any issues during the transfer process


Transferring your NFTs from to OpenSea is a straightforward process that can help you expand your digital art collection’s reach and potential. By following these easy steps, you can showcase your unique NFTs to a broader audience and take advantage of OpenSea’s advanced features.

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