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How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Money from Gemini

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Money from Gemini

Gemini, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, offers users the ability to withdraw their funds to external wallets or bank accounts. However, the withdrawal process and timeline may vary depending on several factors. In this article, we’ll explore how long it takes to withdraw money from Gemini and what influences the processing time.

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Withdraw Money from Gemini options

Gemini offers two main withdrawal options:

Crypto Withdrawals

  • Processing time: Typically instant, but can take up to 5 hours
  • Network confirmation time: Varies depending on the blockchain network (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)

Crypto withdrawals are usually processed quickly, but the network confirmation time may add an extra layer of delay.

Fiat Withdrawals (USD)

  • Processing time: 1-5 business days
  • Bank processing time: Additional 1-3 business days

Fiat withdrawals are subject to bank processing times, which can take several business days.

    Factors Affecting Withdrawal Times

    Several factors can influence the withdrawal time from Gemini:

    • Verification level: Unverified accounts may experience longer withdrawal times or restrictions.
    • Withdrawal amount: Larger amounts may require additional verification or take longer to process.
    • Bank holidays and weekends: Withdrawals may be delayed during these times.
    • Network congestion: High traffic on blockchain networks can slow down crypto withdrawals.

    Tips for Faster Withdrawals

    To minimize delays:

    • Verify your account: Complete the verification process to increase withdrawal limits and speed.
    • Plan ahead: Avoid withdrawing during bank holidays or weekends.
    • Monitor network congestion: Check blockchain network status before initiating a crypto withdrawal.


    Withdrawing money from Gemini can take anywhere from a few minutes to several business days, depending on the withdrawal option and external factors. By understanding the processing times and factors that influence them, you can plan accordingly and minimize delays. Remember to verify your account, plan ahead, and monitor network congestion for a smoother withdrawal experience.

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